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About Me

Meet Dr. Connie McNeil

Driven by her personal experiences, Dr. Connie McNeil has seamlessly transformed her aspirations into reality with a blend of trust, surrender, and inspired actions. Her goal is to widely spread her message, urging individuals to improve their lives through intentional, positive activities. This involves making transformative shifts in beliefs and patterns that impede progress and taking complete responsibility for shaping the life they are truly capable of leading.

With an emphasis on purposeful and constructive strides, Dr. McNeil envisions empowering people to break free from limitations, fostering a mindset conducive to personal growth and a proactive approach to creating a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Transform your life with positive thoughts, find ways to work on yourself, and start developing self-motivation skills with Dr. Connie McNeil!

About the Book


Co-Creating is not your typical self-improvement book aiming to introduce you to new concepts. Instead, it serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder of the innate wisdom that resides within YOU. It is a reminder that, as a child of the Creator, every thought and action contributes to the ongoing creation of your reality. Empower yourself with this invitation to manifest the life you’ve always yearned with the best guided self-motivations skills.

Author Connie McNeil provides a roadmap to Co-Creating an extraordinary life, beckoning you to team up with the Higher Power of your understanding by unleashing the power of manifestation.

Unlock the incredible life that awaits when you align your intentions with the forces of Divine love.

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