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Surrendering our problems that often find their way on our path, weighing heavy on our hearts, are quite common in the journey of life. However, the moments of uncertainty they create are what test our resilience.

In this blog, let us explore why it is necessary, in the face of such difficulties, to surrender our problems to a higher power — the Creator.

Letting Go

The desire to control anything and everything is deeply ingrained in human nature. Take the example of a climber who is falling off a cliff. Although they are strapped with a safety rope, in the process of falling, they would grasp onto anything, holding onto dear life — although it might be safer to just let go.

Aren’t we all like that? Holding on and believing that the more control we have, the safer and happier we shall be — not realizing that this relentless pursuit often leads to added stress and problems in our lives.

Surrendering and letting go does not mean that you are weak or have accepted defeat. Instead, it means that you have recognized that some aspects of life are beyond your comprehension and control, entrusting them to a Higher Power that holds the universe in its hands.

Connie McNeil’s Co-Creating reminds us how, as the children of the Creator, YOU have the power to drive actions to reality and create the life YOU want. This also means surrendering your problems, letting go of the illusion of control, and embracing the wisdom that comes with acknowledging your vulnerability.

Breaking the Chains of Insanity

As we have already established, as the children of the Creator, we possess the innate power to create our reality. The focus of our thoughts plays a pivotal role in shaping our experiences. In her book, Co-Creating, Connie McNeil puts an emphasis on the idea that our sustained concentration either draws in the outcomes we desire or prolongs situations we’d prefer to steer clear of.

If we focus on what we lack, the fear of insufficiency continues to thrive. We must realize that our challenges are not the core issue but the symptom of a deeper challenge — fear. When we attempt to solve our problems in isolation without seeking the proper support needed to overcome them, we will continue to be trapped in a cycle of lack and desperation.

So, how do you break free from the shackles of control? Surrender. In order to find true liberation, surrender becomes paramount. Once you surrender the fear and the need for absolute control, you will finally open the door to a Higher Power.

In fact, in this surrender, you will find the strength to start Co-Creating a new reality, breaking free from the chains of powerlessness and fear.

Surrendering your problems to the Creator is not a relinquishment of responsibility; instead, it is a conscious choice to navigate the complexities of life with divine guidance. Reading books such as Co-Creating by Connie McNeil will help you start your journey of peace and fulfillment.

Grab your copy of Co-Creating today!

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